Abrasion tester is used to determines the resistance of elastomers by the frictional loss of the rubber in products, such as tires, conveyor belts, hoses, footwear, floor covering etc.

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Available Products

Rotary Abrasion Tester - Taber Type Abrasion Tester

Rotary Abrasion Tester is a cost-effective and high quality instrument used to determine the abrasion for rubber, leather, plastics, fabrics, paper, paint, plywood, tiles, glass, etc.

DIN Abrasion Tester

Our DIN Abrasion tester, which is the original product & is designed to conform to the DIN 53516, DIN ISO 4649.

NBS Abrader - Abrasion Tester

Our NBS Abrasion tester consists of a 6" diameter drum turning at 45 RPM. The unit has three test stations with dial micrometer readout.

Akron Abrasion Tester

Akron abrasion tester is used for testing wear-resisting property of vulcanized rubber.

Trim Machine

Trim Machine is designed to resurface the grinding wheel installed in the Taber abrasion machine.