Atomic Emission Spectrometer - QualiAES

Atomic Emission Spectrometer - QualiAES

The Atomic Emission Spectrometer - QualiAES is mainly used in the quantitative analysis of metallic element and partial non-metallic element in liquid sample (including the solid sample which can convert into a solution by chemical processing). The solution is placed into a plasma torch in the form of an aerosol. The sample will be evaporated and stimulated, and it will emit light with the characteristic wavelengths of its elements. Its spectral intensity is received by photoelectric element, converted to electrical signals and recorded by a beam-splitting by beam-splitting system.

The Atomic Emission Spectrometer - QualiAES has good stability, low limit of detection (LOD), rapid analysis, low operation cost, easy maintenance, strong anti-interference capacity and many more features.

Features of Atomic Emission Spectrometer - QualiAES

  • Full automation control and analysis from start to complete with software ignition and intelligent control of gas circuit
  • Output power can tune and match automatically with program setting for power parameters
  • Excellent optical system, advanced control system, accurate peak position and good signal-to-background ratio
  • Wide measuring range is wide, from ultra micro analysis to constant analysis, and dynamic linear range is from 5 to 6 orders of magnitude
  • LOD is low, and the LOD of most elements can be ppb level
  • Excellent measurement accuracy and the RSD of stability is less than or equal to 1.5% (5ppm) which exceeds standards
  • The range of Rf output power is from 750W to 1500W and the stability of output is less than 0.1%
  • The negative high voltage of photo-multiplier can be adjusted independently from 0 to 1000V. According to the independent setting conditions of different spectral of different element, its LOD is better than a full spectrum instrument
  • Adopts high shield and excellent ground connection to ensure the safety of operators
  • Constant temperature operation ensures the accuracy of the instrument
  • The multichannel sample injection peristaltic pump provides even sample injection and stable operation
  • Radiation shielding of the instrument is less than 2V/m
  • Easy to use software with free lifetime software upgrades. Fast, reliable, multitasking, accurate data processing that provides user with clear results. Software also includes functions such as internal standard calibration, IECS and QC monitoring, and can obtain the best background subtraction for interference elimination. Results can be exported to Excel format or printed directly from the unit.
Specifications of Atomic Emission Spectrometer - QualiAES
Beam-splitting system
Range of measuring wavelength
Form of optical path
Constant temperature system of light room
(30± 0.2) °C
Grating type
ion etching holographic flat grating
Resolution ratio
Groove density
Slit width of exit and incidence
Minimum driving step pitch of stepper motor
Argon filling of light room (adjustable flow)
High frequency generator
Oscillating frequency
Power stability
0.1% (typical value of long-term 25°C)
Oscillating type
auto-excitation type
Operating coil
three circle hollow copper pipe coating with PTFE pipe
Inlet system
Inlet method
peristaltic pump inlet and it is equipped with all kind of fog chambers (whirl cloud chamber, binocular fog chamber and anti hydrofluoric acid fog chamber).
concentric atomizer
Cooling gas
Auxiliary gas
0-1.5 L/min
Carrier gas
Work environment
Relative humidity
Ground wire
independent group connection below 4Ω


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