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Ball Rebound Tester for Foam Materials

Ball Rebound Tester for Foam Materials

The microcomputer controlled ball-rebound-tester is designed for the determination of the rebound elasticity of foam materials acc. to ASTM D 3574 and DIN EN ISO 8307.

A quick, easy and reliable measurement can be done with the ball-rebound-tester because of its innovative technique. This top quality unit is ideal for the quality control of foam materials during the production and in the acceptance department.

A two lined display reads the measured value and median value in %. The testing device is equipped with a serial interface.


  • Short training period.
  • Short measuring cycle.
  • No adjustment necessary.

Basic Equipment

  • Test stand with down pipe 500 mm.

Electronic unit with data output

2 line spacing LC-display shows measuring result and median value in %.

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