Buckling Resistance Tester for Thermoplastic Manhole
Buckling Resistance Tester for Thermoplastic Manhole

BS EN 14830:2006, BS EN 13598-2:2009


QT-BRT Buckling Resistance Tester for Thermoplastic Drainage Cover is used to simulate the conditions when manhole is buried underground and for checking its resistance to the force from underground water.
BS EN 14830:2006 Thermoplastics inspection chamber and manhole bases. Test methods for buckling resistance. It is a standard testing method to test the buckling resistance for Manholes, Thermoplastic polymers or Pipes, etc. which would be used in underground water supply and waste systems (building, drainage, sewerage).


  • High efficiency vacuum system provides a wide negative range of -70kPa to 0kPa
  • Specialized end caps are suitable for various pipe samples
  • Cantilever lifting structure is introduced to expand the testing space, making a wide range of manholes from Ø315 to Ø1200mm
  • Deformation sensors adjustable to different directions, are applicable to the conditions of uneven samples or reinforced sample surface
  • Industrial control terminal and colorful touch screen display provide more information to operator, e.g. pressure-time and deformation-time curves, leakage detection. Once there is leakage or unstability  on sample, vacuum pump will stop automatically
  • Test data can be exported through USB port
  • Test data will be saved automatically in case of abnormal interruption. Test time will be continued after system up to setting pressure

Technical Specifications



Manhole Diameter Range

315 to1200mm

Vacuum Pressure Range

-80kPa to 0kPa

Pressure Control Accuracy


Connector to Vacuum Pump

1/4" × Φ10, hose connector

Deformation Range

0mm to 75mm (up to 150mm, customized upon request)

Deformation Measuring Accuracy


Timing Range

0 to 999hours

Timing Accuracy


Protection Class


Dimensions (L × W × H)

2000 × 1400 × 3150mm




7500 × 2000mm


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