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Burst Strength Tester

ASTM-D2210, TAPPI-TT403, JIS-L1018, P8112, P8131

The Burst Strength tester is used to test the bursting resistance of leather, synthetic leather and different fibers

Technical Specifications of Burst Strength Tester:
Model No. QC-115
Capacity 20/50 or 50/100(kg/cm²)
Pressure indicator Pressure gauge
Breaking-Strength Indicator Remaining needle
Pressure Electric oil-pressure (High170cc/min,Low 90cc/min)
Specimen tighten indicator Pressure Gauge (Able to preset tighten strength)
Hydraulic oil Glycerine 85%, distillation water 15%
Oil-Pressure speed 170±15 ml/Min.
Disc grip diameter Upper disc diameter: 31.70mm, Lower disc diameter: 31.75mm
Power supply Single phase, 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Accessory Rubber film, Aluminum foil paper for calibration, Glycerine, Wrench, Warranty Card, Operation Manual
Dimension 37×53×50 cm
Weight 60 kg

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