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Cube Steel Moulds - Cement Mortar

The Cube Steel Moulds - Cement Mortar prepares concrete cube samples from 100 to 300mm size

Within the most important specimen tolerances, e.g. sizes and perpendicularity, the flatness appears to be the most important factor. Recent studies have demonstrated that tolerance errors of 0.2 - 0.3 mm on 150 mm cubes can cause a strength result up to 15% lower than that one obtained with specimens produced within the admitted tolerances. The models we propose are conforming to the EN/ASTM standard specifications. A wide range of moulds for the preparation of concrete specimens are available. The Range comprehends cube moulds 100,150 and 200 mm; and cylinder moulds 100x200; 150x300; 160x320 and 250x500 mm. The moulds are made of steel or plastic. The moulds are being offered in two versions: 4 parts and 2 parts

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