Cement Compression & Flexural Testing Machines

The Compression & Flexural testing product line from Qualitest offers a wide variety that will fit almost any budget. Different options between models include digital or analog display, single or dual range, and different types of configurations.

Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer

Qualitest offers a wide range of cement testing machines for determining physical and chemical properties of Cement such as Expansion, fineness, bulk density, heat of hydration, shrinkage and expansion and rheological properties determination products.

Vicatronic Automatic Single Station Vicat Needle Apparatus

The setting time determination of cement and mortars is one of the most important parameters for the quality inspection and verification.

Air Entrainment Meter

Qualitest also provides a complete range of products for Building Lime, Grout and Mud Testing.

Automatic Mortar Mixer - QualiMIX

In order to prepare cement samples for different testing procedures, Qualitest provides several mortar mixers with different features as well as water and air/humidity curing bath/cabinets/workbenches.

Climatic Chamber - Cement

Climatic Chamber has advanced controller with cycle programmer for 50 programs and 1000 segments.

Cube Steel Moulds - Cement Mortar

The Cube Steel Moulds - Cement Mortar prepares concrete cube samples from 100 to 300mm size.