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Concrete Compression Machine Automax 5

For Determination of Compression strength of concrete cylinders and cubes

The Automax 5 automatic concrete compression testers represent the more sophisticated and advanced evolution of the usual compression testers. The Automax 5 features the complete automatic test cycle with closed loop digital feedback. Once the specimen parameters are entered, it is sufficient to press the start button to complete the test.

The Automax Compression machine essential consist of a compression frame and a hydraulic and control unit housed in a console.

Main Features:

  • Automatic test cycle
    • rapid piston approach
    • zeroing
    • load rate control
    • failure detection
    • unloading
  • Conforming to EN 12390-4
  • Class 1 machines starting from 10% of the full scale or from 1% as option
  • Load/time plot and actual load rate displayed in real time
  • Accurate load rate application
  • High test throughput: up to about 30 tests per hour
  • Connectable to a second frame (option)
  • Data download to PC
  • Available in various capacities such as 1500kN; 2000kN;3000kN;4000kN and 5000kN


Four column rigid welded steel construction frame with a compression platen of 165mm dia and a minimum hardness of 600 HV30. The maximum piston travel is 50mm

Hydraulic Group

Dual stage pump, centrifugal low pressure high delivery stage for fast approach and radial multi piston high pressure stage for test execution
Power: 700W
Oil Capacity: 4.5 litres
Usable Oil Capacity: 3.5 litres
Ram travel: 50mm
Fast approach speed: 40mm/min
Voltage: 110V; 60Hz -1 Ph

Second Frame Option

The Hydraulic group can be fitted with a distribution block for connection and non –simultaneous control of a compatible second frame. ( eg flexural frame or special compression frame)

Control/Readout Electronic

The read out has large touch screen 240x128 pixel graphic display, 2 channel resolution 130000div(better than 0.1% of full scale) suitable for connection of a second transducer /frame and a permanent memory of 128 MB for storing thousands of tests including test results, data and load vs time diagrams.
The controller also has a serial output for real time and delayed data down loading to PC, a USB port for Inkjet A4 printer.

Load Rate Automatic Control

The system applies automatically the correct load rate confirming to the information introduced by the control panel. The load rate value is continuously monitored and can be printed in the test report when connected to the PC to certify the correct load rate application

Data Manager PC Software

Software for real time acquisition and management of test data.

Safety Features:

The Automax 5 series machines are fitted with

  • Max. pressure valve to avoid machine overloading
  • Ram travel switch, which prevents the excessive piston travel
  • Front and rear transparent fragment guard
  • Optional: front fragment guard with door locking switch to cut off mains when the door is open.

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