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1000 kN Concrete Pipe Testing Machine
1000 kN Concrete Pipe Testing Machine
1000 kN Concrete Pipe Testing Machine
400 kN Concrete Pipe Testing Machine

EN 1916

Concrete Pipe Testing Machines are specially designed for Crushing Tests on Sewer and Drain Pipes, Concrete Pipes, Fittings, Cones according to EN 1916 for outer diameters from 400mm up to 3700 mm and length up to 3000 mm.

The Concrete pipe testing machines are consisting of a frame and a hydraulic power pack. The frames are rigid 2 column constructions with superior axial and lateral stiffness and are precision aligned. Integrated in the crosshead is a double acting actuator in servo-quality. The actuator has anti-rotation system to prevent the natural tendency of the actuator to rotate. The stroke of the double acting actuator is 300 mm. Load cell is used for precise load measurement and closed loop control.

The rectangular shaped top bearer is detachable from the actuator and the bottom bearer is V-shaped with an angle of 150°. The system does not permit top bearers rotation at horizontal plane but allows it at vertical plane of a minimum value of ±8°. As an option 3- and 4-point bending accessories are available. Upper crosshead adjustment is done with motor drive for easy and precise test set up and manual through locking pins are used to fix the upper crosshead.

There are two options available for frames, first option is excluding the carrying chassis for the machines. These types of frames have to be anchored to concrete base. All required parts to anchor the frame to the concrete base are supplied. The frames without carrying chassis is supplied with V shaped bottom bearers which can be anchored to concrete base.

Second option for frames is including carrying chassis for the machines. The carrying chassis is supplied with V shaped bottom bearer fixed directly on the chassis.

There are also 2 options available for power pack. The machine can be supplied with standard automatic power pack, dual stage, controlled by BC 100 or Advanced Automatic Power Pack with Proportional Valve.

For easy loading of the pipes with a crane and for the test preparation specially designed Drive-in hydraulic bottom bearer (optional) also can be supplied with machines. The trolley can be pushed easily by hand into the testing machine. In the machine, the hydraulic bottom bearer is automatically lowered on the base of the machine through a hydraulic system controlled at the console.

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