Fogging Tester - EB-03
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Fogging Tester - EB-03

ISO 6452 and ASTM D5393

Fogging tester is used to determine the windscreen fogging according to ISO, DIN, ASTM and other automotive standards. The equipment has a compact design with the heating bath and cooling bath integrated in one casing. For cooling the water bath, the instrument is normally connected to tap water of max 18 °C. If the tap water is too warm, a model EB 03C can be supplied with a built in cooling system with Peltier elements.

Features for the Fogging Tester - EB-03

  • The equipment consists of a heating bath and a water bath, built as one unit.
  • Meets the requirements for fogging tests, according to ISO 6452 and ASTM D5393 and other automotive standards
  • The baths are made of stainless steel and the casing of painted steel. The paint is a powder paint.
  • The water cooling can be replaced by an electrical cooling system with Peltier elements.(EB 03C)
  • Temperature sensor in the cooling water return.

Technical Specifications for Fogging Tester - EB-03

Temperature Range
Heating Bath: 40-130°C
Cooling Bath: 20-80°C
Heating Bath: ± 0.5°C
Cooling Bath: ± 0.5°C
Dimension (WxDxH):
EB03 955x435x585 mm
EB03C 955x530x585 mm
EB03 approx. 57kg (125lbs)
EB03C approx. 67kg (147lbs)
Beakers: 6
Voltage: 110-120/220-240V 60/50Hz
Power: 2100W
EB03 cooling water, 0.1-1.0 L/min (max 18°C)


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