shoe testers

Qualitest provides Footwear/Shoe Testers enabling retailers, manufacturers and importers to evaluate the essential mechanical and physical properties of their footwear products.

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Available Products

Portable Inclineable Articulated Strut Slip Tester

This test method covers the operational procedures for using a portable inclinable articulated strut slip tester (PIAST) for determining the slip resistance of footwear sole, heel, or related materials (test feet) against planar walkway surfaces or walkway surrogates (test surfaces) in either the laboratory or the field under dry, wet, or contaminated conditions. This unit meets ASTM F1677 test method.

Densicom - Shoe Sole Density Tester

Densicom - Shoe Sole Density Tester is used for testing the density of the shoe sole made from rubber, plastic and EVA foam rubber. High sensitivity assembly and automatic lifting tank are used for automatic monitoring and calculation.

Whole Shoe Sole Flexing Tester - Bennewart Flex Tester

The Whole Shoe Sole Flexing Tester - Bennewart Flex Tester allows for the determination of a sole’s resistance to the growth of a cut during repeated flexing.

Shoe Dielectric Resistance Tester

The Shoe Dielectric Resistance Tester is designed to test the dielectric resistance of safety or other ways insulated footwear.

Shoe Bending Waterproof Tester

The Shoe Bending Waterproof Tester determines the water resistance and durability of flexing for shoes immersed in water. The Shoe Bending Waterproof Tester stops automatically after either a preset number of bends has been performed or a preset testing-time has been reached.

Shoe Lace Abrasion Tester

The Shoe Lace Abrasion Tester simulates the lace under the reciprocal abrasion at a specified tension to determine its life cycle.

Shoe Flexing Tester

Shoe Flexing Tester is designed for determining the resistance of nmshed shoes to flex.

Upper Material Flexing Tester

Upper Material Flexing Tester is designed for determining the flexing resistance or physical damage of all vamps, and soft materials.

Fiberboard Flexing Tester

Fiberboard Flexing Tester is designed tor the flexing resistance of fiberboards of leather shoes and hiking shoes.

Inserts Flexing Resistance Tester

Inserts Flexing Resistance Tester is designed for determining the resistance of insoles for safety shoes to flex.

Shoe Flexing Testers

Shoe Flexing Tester QT-7011-SA is designed for measuring the resistance of shoes of all kinds to flex.

Shoe Flexing Waterproofness Tester

Shoe Flexing Waterproofness Tester is designed to determine the dynamic water resistance of all types of shoes.

Discoloration Meter

Discoloration Meter is designed for determining the discoloration of white or light color upper materials or sole materials exposed to light with a specified wavelength.