Air Entrainment Meter

Qualitest offers a vast range of testing equipment for fresh concrete, including Shrinkage determination testing machines, Air entrainment meters with various capacities, Rheometers for mortar and paste that cover particle size range of smaller than 2mm and up to 8mm, Rheometer for fresh concrete, etc.

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Available Products

Air Entrainment Meter

Advanced Air Entrainment Meter is used to measure the air content of freshly mixed mortar in accordance with the air pressure compensation principle.

Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer

The Viskomat NT is a versatile rotational viscometer for determining the workability of fine grained building materials such as cement paste, mortar, fine concrete, plaster etc.

Mortar, Cement and Fresh Concrete Rheometer, Viskomat XL

The Viskomat XL is a versatile rotational viscometer for determining the workability of building materials such as mortar, cement and fresh concrete (up to 8mm grain size).

Shrinkage Cone - Cement and Concrete shrinkage and expansion tester

The Shrinkage cone is designed with a double wall metal vessel for easy heating and cooling using an external liquid temperature control unit.

Shrinkage Ring - Measuring the Restrained Shrinkage

Shrinkage Ring test method covers the laboratory determination of the age at cracking and induced tensile stress characteristics of mortar or concrete specimens under restrained shrinkage. 

Concrete Rheometer BT2

The Concrete Rheometer BT2 is a compact rheometer for fresh concrete. Opposite to the spread table method the BT2 concrete rheometer tests the concrete at various loads.

Thin Layer Shrinkage System

Thin Layer Shrinkage System – This set-up allows to investigate the different formulation parameters and their influences onto the different stages of shrinkage and expansion, namely the plastic shrinkage, setting expansion and drying shrinkage.

Bending Drain – Cement and Concrete shrinkage and expansion tester

The Bending Drain measures the shrinkage and bending of building materials during the setting and hardening process. The Bending Drain can also be used in simulating how the building material reacts to built in features such as real world electrical floor heating.

Shrinkage Drain – Cement and Concrete shrinkage and expansion tester

The Shrinkage Drain system is one of several instruments that Qualitest offers to measure the volume change during the setting and hardening of Concrete and other Building material.

Gyratory Compactor for Concrete

Gyratory compactor is used for mix design and quality control of concrete product plants, where low workable and zero slump concrete is used.

Vebe Consistometer

Workability and Consistency of Fresh Concrete

Concrete Mortar Penetrometer

Concrete Mortar Penetrometers is conforming to ASTM, AASHTO and UNI standards, consists of a spring loaded device which is graduated from 1 to 100 daN

Hydraulic Shrinkage Mould

The UNI 11307 method is suitable for the determination of hydraulic axial shrinkage on concrete beams during hardening.

Three Gang Moulds

Three Gang Moulds are designed for determining the restrained expansion of a concrete or mortar containing expansive agent.