Hardened Concrete Testing

Qualitest offers many important products from vibrating/jolting tables, curing cabinets/rooms, grinding/core drilling machines, water impermeability testers and freeze-thaw testing machines covering various methods based on different standards.

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Available Products

Freeze Thaw Tester CDF CIF

Qualitest's CDF/CIF test set-up enables the freeze-thaw test to be carried out in accordance with most national and international standards such as ASTM and CDF recommendations from RILEM.

Slab Tester – Freeze Thaw Tester

Qualitest's Slab Tester is a temperature and time controlled frost-thaw test system. The Slab Freeze Thaw Tester is designed to accommodate specimen testing for freezing in air and thawing in air or water.

Concrete Water Impermeability Tester

The concrete water impermeability testing system is designed with many different standards in mind including DIN 1048, ISO/DIS 7031, EN-12390-8 & UNI 9533. 

Vibrating Tables

Vibrating tables are robustly manufactured to operate with minimum noise level.

Vibrating Plates

Vibrating plates are light and portable, operated by the car lighter, they are ideal for field use. 

Poker Vibrators

Poker vibrators are Ideal for the internal compaction of concrete specimens both in laboratory and in site.

Programmable Accelerated Curing Tanks

This test method covers procedures for curing concrete specimens under conditions intended to accelerate the development of strength.

Concrete  Specimen Grinding Machine

Concrete Specimen Grinding Machine is used to grind and polish concrete specimens, natural stones, ceramic materials, etc.

Cylinder Capping Equipment

When testing concrete cylinder specimens it is essential that the two ends are perfectly flat.

Universal Core Drilling Machines – QT-UCDM

This robust versatile machine is ideal for field where it is necessary to core at any angle.

Portable Core Drilling Machines – QT-PCDM

The machine is composed by three main parts: electric motor speed reducer, Light alloy base with adjustable feet, and wheels and support column.

Concrete Moulds

Qualitest offers a wide range of Cube, Cylinder & Beam Moulds for concrete.