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Hot Set Tester

Hot Set Tester - EB 16II

IEC 811-2-1, IEC 811

Hot Set Tester - EB 16II is made for hot set testing of cable material according to IEC 811-2-1. To avoid too high temperature loss when inserting and cutting the samples, the samples are introduced through a small opening in the top of the oven. To get a suitable working height and not shake the samples during insertion, the oven is fixed and the sample holder moves up and down by a servo motor driven screw system. The oven has a controlled air exchange rate and low air speed which can be controlled by a flow meter, meeting the requirements for ageing ovens in IEC 811.

Measurements are made through the window with a laser pointer mounted on a measuring scale placed on the door. The window can be taken apart for cleaning. With a push on a button on the scale the measured values are entered in an Excel template, when measuring the elongation. The set is measured outside the oven with a digital caliper also connected to the computer.

A finished report can then be produced in Excel.

Technical Specifications of Hot Set Tester - EB 16II
Item Description
Temperature range 40 - 250°C (Optional 300°C)
Temp. control, 40 - 100 °C ± 0.5°C
101 - 200 °C ± 1.0°C
201 - 250 °C ± 2.0°C
Temp. variation in time and space, °C ± 0.25
Temperature sensors PT 100, 1/3 DIN
Air speed <0,001 m/s
Useful volume 60L
Dimensions, internal, (w x d x h) 450x450x300 mm
Dimensions, external, (w x d x h) 820x680x1460mm (max)
Weight Approx. 120kg
Voltage 110-120/220-240V 60/50Hz
Power 2200W
Illumination, W, V 10, 24, halogen lamp

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