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Los Angeles Abrasion Tester

The Los Angeles Abrasion Tester is to determine the resistance and fragmentation of Aggregates. The testing method determines the degradation when subjected to abrasion, attrition, impact and grinding. The sample is placed in a rotating drum along with an abrasive. After a specific number of rotations the sample is removed and examined for wear.

Our Abrasion tester consists of a rolled steel drum having an internal diameter of 711mm and an internal Length of508mm. The drum is rotated at a speed of 31-33 rpm with an electric motor. It also has an automatic counter, which can be preset to the required number of revolutions of the drum. The unit is supplied without the abrasive charge, which has to be ordered separately depending on the standard in use.

The above standard model can be upgraded with a sound proof and protection cabinet confirming to CE and has to be specified at the time of order as it is to be factory installed. The cabinet is manufactured from sheet steel lined internally with soundproofing material to reduce noise and electric safety device, automatically stops the rotation of the drum when opening the door. The control panel is fitted externally. The Tester confirms to EN 1097-2 and ASTM C131

Specifications for the Los Angeles Abrasion Tester
Power Supply : 110V, 60Hz 1ph or 230V, 50Hz 1 ph – 740W
Dimensions : 975x785x937 mm (standard version)
  933x1052x1250 mm(with Cabinet)
Weight of the Cabinet : 180 kg (400 lbs)

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