Mechanical Stability Tester

BS EN 13598-1:2003


QT-MST Mechanical Stability Tester is used to determine the mechanical stability of rubber latex concentrate, also suitable for prevulcanized rubber latex concentrate. It is an essential instrument required to improve the quality of rubber latex. It conforms to ISO 35 and the equivalent.

ISO Guide 35 Reference materials -- Guidance for characterization and assessment of homogeneity and stability. The standard explains concepts and provides approaches to the following aspects of the production of reference materials:

  • The assessment of homogeneity;
  • The assessment of stability and the management of the risks associated with possible stability issues related to the properties of interest;
  • The characterization and value assignment of properties of a reference material;
  • The evaluation of uncertainty for certified values;
  • The establishment of the metrological traceability of certified property values.

Technical Specifications



Stirring Speed

(1400±200) r/min


1 r/min

Display Error


Display Method


Max. Resolution Power Requirement

20000 r/min, 220V 50Hz 2kw

Min. Resolution Working Temperature

200 r/min, 10℃~ 40℃


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