Densimeter / Specific Gravity Testers – MDS-300 & MDS-3000 from QualiTest

QualiTest offers two new densimeters to meet the demand of our customers. The new MDS-300 offers more precision than our industrial standard model – model MD-300S - with a resolution of 0.001g/cm3 and reference value of 0.0001g/cm3while adding a new function for powder density measurement as well as Auto-weighing to improve accuracy and working efficiency with the newly designed sensor.

The new MDS-3000 is designed for customers that need to measure samples up to 3kg. The wide measuring capacity of the larger tank allows samples to be measured without cutting, and calculates and shows the whole sample average density. The Auto-weighing function also is a standard feature in the MDS-3000.

To learn more about the new Densimeter models, please visit or call 1.877.884.8378 to speak with our team of engineers.

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Specific Gravity Tester - Densimeter