Packaging Compression Tester - QT-PCT-500

Packaging Compression Tester – QT-PCT-500

ASTM D 642, ASTM D 4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 2872, ISO 12048, JIS Z0212

It is very important to evaluate compressive resistance of packaging material before its selection for maintaining product shape, quality while its transportation, distribution and handling in bulk.

QT-PCT-500 is used to evaluate compressive resistance of small sized packages, boxes, and containers to analyze whether specific packing can successfully withstand the compressive forces they are subjected to during storage and distribution. The test gives a clear understanding of deformation under compressive force.

Packaging Compression Tester QT-PCT-500 can also used to determine compression strength of filled packages and estimate stacking criteria of for product packages and boxes to estimate the loading ability and deformation under different loading conditions to ensure the safety of product inside the box while transportation.


Box Compression Tester is used to determine compression strength and estimate stacking test of transport packages such as corrugated carton and honeycomb paperboard box.


  • Pneumatic system with pre-set pressure;
  • Highly precise and accurate load cells;
  • Simple test procedure, user friendly interface and test controls;
  • Table top design for easy and comfortable use with rigid frame
  • Over-load protection, maximum stroke protection and error alert provide a safe test operation.
  • Light weight design and ultralow power dissipation which promotes energy saving.
  • It is equipped with a microcomputer and professional test control software

Working Principle

Fill packaging material with dummy or sample product as required making package sample; put the package between upper and lower compression boards and apply pressure to make compression test; or apply fixed load to make stacking estimates.

Technical Specifications

Load Range

0 ~ 500 N

Test accuracy

± 1 g

Compression Travel

0 ~ 100 mm

Travel Speed

0 ~ 300 mm/min

Test Area

200 mm x 340 mm

Instrument Size

450 mm x 410 mm x 470 mm


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