Gardner Impact Tester - Light-Duty Impact Tester

Gardner impact testers, available in a few variations have gained wide acceptance as a means of testing the impact resistance of many types of coatings from paints and vanishes to tough plated, plastic or laminated coatings.

Coating Thickness Gauge - paint thickness gauge

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced coating thickness gauges / paint thickness gauge such as new Positector series and much more.

Gardner Abrasion Tester

The Gardner Abrasion Tester II abrasion tester offers a versatile design for abrasion and washability testing applications.

Portable Spectrophotometers - Color Meters

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced plastics and Color testing equipment such as Portable Spectrophotometer - Spectro-Guide & Color-Guide which is used for total Appearance Control - color and gloss in one unit.

Transparency Meter - Haze Gard-i

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced advanced plastics and Color testing equipment such as Haze-Gard-i - Transparency Meter.

 Gloss meters - Micro-Gloss

A glossmeter measures the specular reflection. The light intensity is registered over a small range of the reflection angle. Our comprehensive range of competitive and reasonably priced gloss meters include economical models as well as advanced versions measuring single angles or TRI angles.

Orange Peel / DOI Meter - Wave Scan

Paint appearance is described by its brilliance and smoothness, often referred to as DOI (Distinctness of Image) and Orange Peel. Qualitest orange peel and DOI meters have been used at all major car makers and suppliers as the global standard to objectively control and optimize appearance.

Haze Gloss Meter

The haze-gloss was designed for the needs in the laboratory. Gloss, haze and mirror reflection can be all measured with one instrument for low to high gloss surfaces.

Liquid Colour Measurement

The color of transparent liquids is critical as a change can indicate contamination or impurities in the raw material, process variations caused by heating and oxidation, or degradation of products exposed to weathering over time.

Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

The PosiTest Adhesion Tester measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure.

Gel Timer

Gel Timer - Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced plastics and Color testing equipment such as Gel Timer

Light Booth - Spectra - Visual Color Control

Use of a light booth to simulate different lighting conditions helps to obtain objective color assessment, improves communication and reduces product rejections.

Buchholz Hardness Tester

The Buchholz Hardness Tester is a reliable test method for evaluation of indentation resistance of plastic deformable coatings.

Pendulum Hardness Tester

The Pendulum Hardness Tester - Konig - Persoz is a simple laboratory measuring instrument for hardness measurements in accordance with the König and Persoz methods implemented into the system.

Gradient Oven

The gradient-oven is a test apparatus for evaluating the baking and drying behavior of liquid coatings, powder coatings, resins, plastics, etc. A production baking process can be simulated by programming heat-up speed, baking temperature and time.

Byko-Drive Automatic Film Applicator

The Byko-drive Automatic Applicator is an economical film applicator that improves the consistency of drawdowns.

Byko-cut Universal Paint Inspection Gauge

The byko-cut universal paint inspection gauge is a multi-purpose paint testing instrument that measures paint coating thickness, paint adhesion, and coating hardness.

Spectrophotometer - Mac

The Spectrophotometer - Mac is a unique instrument as it measures both multi-angle color and flake characterization in one portable device.

Premium Rotational Viscometers

Qualitest's viscometers (also called viscosimeter) are designed to measure the viscosity of liquids.

Light Transmittance and Haze Tester - QT-HZ-A

Light Transmittance and Haze Tester is best suitable instrument for evaluation of light transmitting and light scattering properties of transparent materials.

Standard Light Source - QT-SLS4

Standard Light Source - QT-SLS4 is specially designed and integrated source of light for simulating four different types of standard lighting conditions to evaluate a color sheds to meet identical painting and printing requirements.


The Thermo-anemometer measures air temperature, air velocity, and relative humidity. Ideal for indoor applications to check the walk-in drying oven, spray booths or an ambient air-drying room.

In-store Color Formulation Systems

In-store color formulation systems provide a complete solution for effective control of your entire color management process.