Plastics Pipe / PVC Testing Equipment

Qualitest offers a wide range of quality testing equipment for the Plastics Pipe / PVC Testing industries at the best price to quality ratio on the market. Qualitest offers Drop Weight Impact Testers, Hydrostatic Pressure Tester, and more to come.

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Available Products

Drop Weight Impact Tester

The Falling Weight Impact Tester is used to perform impact tests on plastic pipes, conforming to ISO 3127, EN744 and EN1411.

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester for Plastics Pipes

This Hydrostatic Pressure Tester is mainly used in testing the short-time hydraulic failure and resistance to constant internal pressure of the plastic pipes for the transport of fluids.

Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine

The Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine is used for cutting and chamfering big pipes.

Pipe Opacity Tester

The Pipe Opacity Tester is used to determine the opacity of pipes and fittings.

Thermal Recycling Testers for Plastic Pipes

The Thermal Recycling Testers for Plastic Pipes is used to evaluate the function of hot and cold water-pipes PP,PE-X, PVC-C, PB), under a certain pressure for 5000 cycles.

Ring Stiffness Tester

The Ring Stiffness Tester RST30 is designed to measure the ring stiffness, ring softness and creep rate for plastic pipe.

Manhole Impact Tester

Manhole Impact Tester is used to test the impact performance of manhole base and manhole wall.

Buckling Resistance Tester for Thermoplastic Manhole

Buckling Resistance Tester is used to simulate the conditions when manhole is buried underground and for checking its resistance to the force from underground water.

Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester

Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester is designed to determine the performance of inspection chamber, manhole frame as well as manhole wall.