Product Catalogue/Brochure

Puncture Tester

Meeting TAPPI-T803, JIS-P 8134, and other International Standards

The Puncture Tester measures the energy required to puncture container board or corrugated board with a pyramidal point affixed to a pendulum arm. These energy units are made up of two major components: the energy to tear the material and the energy to bend it out of the way of the point. The test data can be read directly from the scale according to the selected capacity.

Specifications of the Puncture Tester
Item Descriptions
Specimen 175×175mm (6.9”x6.9”)
Punch head Height 1" (25.4mm),Radius 1.5mm
Capacity (A)Scale 0~53.5kg-cm
(B)Scale 0~107kg-cm
(C)Scale 0~214kg-cm
(D)Scale 0~428kg-cm
(E)Scale 0~26.75kg-cm
Pendulum arm in the form of an arc of 90°
Height of regular triangular 25 土 0.7mm
Effective area of two plates 175X175 mm
Clamping force 25~100kgf
Dimension(W×D×H) 85×40×76cm
Weight 140kg

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