SLIPER - Determining the Pumping Capacity of Concrete
SLIPER - Determining the Pumping Capacity of Concrete
SLIPER - Determining the Pumping Capacity of Concrete

Each individual ingredient of a concrete formula has an effect on the pump ability of the concrete. For example, admixtures and additions for reducing the water content and the proportion of cement may have a negative impact on the pump ability of the concrete. The new SLIPER measuring device (Sliding Pipe Rheometer) allows the user to quickly assess the pumping characteristics of concrete and other materials in the laboratory and on the construction site before they are used.

With using the rheometer the time and effort spent on pumping tests can be reduced and thus costs saved. At the same time, this new technology facilitates a quality check, as well as a simple prognosis option with regard to the pumping behavior of concrete and other thick matter. Consistent measurements at the pump and using the rheometer have shown what properties the concrete has when pumping: As can be frequently observed with modern high-strength concrete mixes, this special concrete also generated relatively high pressure drag in the conveyor pipe. The properties determined through experiments help in the targeted and clever design of later pump systems.

Measurement Principle

The SLIPER provides a vertical standing standard pipe which is filled with fresh concrete. In the pipe there is a piston which is standing on the ground floor. Integrated into the top of the piston there is a pressure sensor. If the pipe is sliding downwards, the pressure in the pipe is measured. Also the speed of the pipe is recorded. The measurement data are sent wireless to a common smart phone. There the data are stored and displayed graphically. The properties of the fresh concrete are evaluated by the software App included. With this software the design and parameters for the pump application may be estimated. Therefore a computational model is used which calculates the expected pressure loss in the concrete pump. The system is portable, robust, battery driven and designed for the construction site. 

Technical Data*

Pipe Diameter

125 mm

Filling Height

500 mm

Pressure Range

1..1500 mbar

Speed Range

0..4 m/s


2 x 2,5 kg and 2 x 5 kg


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