Specimen Cutting Dies – Cutters
ASTM D395 Mold and Constant Deflection Fixture
X-Flow Mold
ASTM D395 Sixteen Cavity Mold
ASTM D 3182 Four Cavity Mold

Specimen Sample Cutting Dies – Cutters - Molds


Specimen Cutting Dies – Cutters

Fully Certified Sample Preparation and Specimen Cutting Dies as per ASTM, JIS, DIN, ISO standards, usually carried in stock

High quality range of specimen cutting dies and sample cutter are made exactly according to the specific ASTM, DIN, ISO, or JIS standards and are highly accurate for perfect preparation of your test specimens. All of these specimen cutting dies come in a padded carrying case and are supplied with full certification. Qualitest also offers re-sharpening service for these specimen dies and maintain highest quality of production and standards.

Each of our cutters comes with a fully detailed "Inspection Report" and a "Certificate of Compliance" to NIST/SCC and the ISO Guide #25.

ASTM Standard Cutting Dies
ASTM D-412 A Tensile Sample Cutting Die Buy Now
ASTM D-412 B Tensile Sample Cutting Die Buy Now
ASTM D-412 C Tensile Sample Cutting Die Buy Now
ASTM D-412 D Tensile Sample Cutting Die Buy Now
ASTM D-412 F Tensile Sample Cutting Die Buy Now
ASTM D-638 Type I Tensile Die Buy Now
ASTM D-638 Type II Tensile Die Buy Now
ASTM D-638 Type III Tensile Die Buy Now
ASTM D-638 Type IV Tensile Die Buy Now
ASTM D-638 Type V Tensile Die Buy Now
ASTM D-1822-S Buy Now
ASTM D-1708 Microtensile Die Buy Now
ASTM D-624 B Tear Sample Cutting Die Buy Now
ASTM D-624 B Tear Sample Cutting Die with Slit Buy Now
ASTM D-624 C Tear Sample Cutting Die Buy Now
ASTM D-624 T Tear Sample Cutting Die Buy Now
ASTM D-1004 Buy Now
ASTM D-1922 Buy Now
ASTM D-746 Buy Now
ASTM D-746 T50 Buy Now
ASTM D-1938 Buy Now
JIS Standard Cutting Dies
JIS K-6301 1 Buy Now
JIS K-6301 2 Buy Now
JIS K-6301 3 Buy Now
JIS K-6301 4 Buy Now
JIS K-6301 A Buy Now
JIS K-6301 B Buy Now
DIN Standard Cutting Dies
DIN 53504 S1 Buy Now
DIN 53504 S2 Buy Now
DIN 53504 S3 Buy Now
DIN 53504 S3A Buy Now
Mallet Handles & Backplate
Rubber Filled
Naef adaptor



Our molds are made of P20 tool steel that is hardened, ground and polished, then chrome-plated with the option of teflon coating. Typical molds have one to four cavities. Various sizes are available. Dies are EDM wire cut from solid tool steel.

The mold's inside surface is perpendicular to the cutting edge and polished. This insures that test specimens are cut to uniform thickness. Dies are designed to be resharpened. Both molds and dies meet most national and international standards such as ASTM, DIN and ISO.

Tensile test, tear test and other dies can be supplied with mallet handle for fast, easy hand stamping of test specimens using a maul, of for use in clicker presses.

ASTM D-412 popular sizes C and D are standard, with A, B. E, and F also available upon request. Rotary type cutters are designed for use in standard drill press chucks. Cutters can be supplied to standard dimensions as indicated by ASTM D-412. Other dies, in other dimensions and for different standards, also available. Tear Test Dies, possess the same physical features as the Tensile Test Die, including the mallet handle/ clicker press option.

ASTM standard Molds
D-15 & D-3182 Mold for 6" x 6" x .075" rubber test specimens
  Single Cavity
  With hinges & handles
  Double cavity with hinges & handles
  Four cavity with hinges & handles
D-395 Compression Set Test Molds
  Four Cavity
  Nine Cavity
  Sixteen Cavity
  Method A Constant Load Test Device
  Method B Constant Deflection Test Fixture
  Additional Twelve Spacers
D-429 Adhesion Test Specimen Molds
  Method A Parallel Plate - Four Cavity
  Method B 90 degree stripping (Lord Adhesion)
D-638 Tensile Specimen Molds
  2 Cavity
  6 Cavity
  12 Cavity
D-3123 Spiral & Transfer Molds
  Spiral Flow Mold for Plastics
  "X" type rubber flow molds-transfer type for compound evaluation
D-2138 Cord Test Sample Molds
  Eight Cavity, four test samples
  Sixteen Cavity, eight test samples
D-1630 Abrasion Resistance
  6 Cavity
D-256 Izod Impact Test Mold - 2.5 x 0.5 x 0.125 inch - 1 Cavity, Chrome Plated
  Charpy Impact Test Mold - 5 x 0.5 x 0.125 inch - 1 Cavity, Chrome Plated
  Optional Handles
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