Product Catalogue/Brochure

Spray Tester

ASTM-D583-54, AATCC-22-52, JIS-1018, JIS-1092, JIS-L1096, JIS-K6328

The Spray Tester is suitable for any fibrous textile processed by water-proof treatment. This tester is used to inspect the textile’s wetting resistance on the surface.

Suitable for all kinds of water-proof cloth, raincoat cloth, umbrella cloth, textile and fiber cloth. Fix specimen on round frame to avoid wrinkles and set the specimen on the testing stand adjusted to a 45 degrees angle. Pour 250cc. of water into a glass funnel for dipping on specimen, which may take 25-30 seconds. Test three times in order to get an average value to observe the absorption degree in order to realize the waterproof degree of the surface.

Technical Specification of the Spray Tester
Specimen Size 18 × 18 cm
Frame Ø152 mm
Tilt Angle 45°
Spring distance 6"
Water volume 250 mm, Spraying time: 25-30 seconds
Dimensions 27 × 33 × 66 cm
Weight 14kg


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