Strip Sample Cutter
Strip Sample Cutter

Dual Blade for Tensile Samples

The model DT1010 is a dual-blade sample cutter designed for laboratory and plant floor use. It features high-quality hardened ground steel blades and a heavy-duty base. Available in a variety of configurations, for precision cutting of strips of plastic film, plastic sheet, paper, laminations, foils, and other sheet materials

Increases Productivity, Maximizes Your Investment in Test Instruments

The DT-1010 can increase your productivity, replacing hand-trimming with the ability to cut precise multiple strip samples of your sheet materials with one pass. Precise parallel edges are accomplished with a single stroke. By providing consistent test samples, this labor-saving machine maximizes the accuracy and usefulness of your various test instruments.


  • Meets ASTM Allows you to meet specifications of ASTM D 882 Standard Test Method for Tensile Testing of Plastic Film.
  • High-Quality Replaceable Cutting Blades Our cutting blades are made of high-quality materials which can be sharpened over-and-over to meet your exacting cutting requirements.
  • Easy Sample Insertion and Removal, Optional Safety Shields With the addition of optional Cutting Platforms, your sheet materials are easy to load and cut into precise parallel samples.
  • Safety Shields are available to protect operators from the blade edges.
Part No.
Description for Strip Sample Cutter
DT-1010 Strip Cutter, Dual Blade for Tensile Samples
1.0 inch x 10.2 inch samples
Optional Accessories
DT-1010SSH Optional Safety Shields
DT-1010B Optional Base
DT-1010CP Cutting Platforms (2)


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