To determine the tensile properties of various materials such as metals, rubbers, plastics, and fibreglass, companies perform destructive tensile tests to understand the maximum force that can be applied before material fracture occurs.

Qualitest offers its QM-200-II Dual Column Universal Tensile Testing Machineto carry out these tests. With an ergonomic design and dual testing zones that allow for tensile or compression testing on both sides of the crossbar, the QM-200-II Dual Column Universal Tensile Testing Machine can be used in manufacturing environments - meeting speed and efficiency requirements on the production line — as well as testing lab environments.

Qualitest recently delivered one of the QM-200-II Dual Column Universal Tensile Testing Machines to an industry leader in fluid handling operations such as transporting petroleum-derived fluids. Meeting ASTM E8 standards, the QM-200-II will support this company in its goal to optimize safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability by testing the equipment used in innovative fuel containment systems.

With user-friendly software for controlling the testing machine, and modular grips and fixtures that can be easily adjusted, the QM-200-II Dual Column Universal Tensile Testing Machine can also be paired with a wide variety of accessories such as reduced load cells, extensometers, and a diverse list of grips to customize it for different industry applications.

Universal Testing Machine - QM-Series