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Tape Dynamic Fatigue Tester


Tape Dynamic Fatigue Tester is designed for determining surface crack, and separation or break of reinforced layer of a specimen made from tyre tread, tyre sidewall, conveyor belt, rubber outsole, vamp, diaphragm, tubing during repeatedly flexing and stretching. Shafts with different curvature diameters can be changed for determining different flexing strengths.

Testing Specimen 5 Sets
Testing Stroke 66.5±0.5mm
Flexing Angle 165°±0.1°
Roller Diameter 31.7mm、50mm、73mm
load 445N/Set(Static Weight)
Load release Cylinder Up/Down
Test Freq 2.7Hz(160cpm)
Exterior Dimensions (W×D×H) 1000×950×1580mm
Control Box(W×D×H) 540mm× 400mm× 1100mm


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