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Thermal Recycling Testers for Plastic Pipes
Thermal Recycling Testers for Plastic Pipes
Thermal Recycling Testers
Thermal Cycling Tester software

Thermal Recycling Testers for Plastic Pipes

ASTM F 1335-98, ISO 10508


QT-TCT Thermal Recycling Testers for Plastic Pipes is used to evaluate the function of hot and cold water-pipes PP,PE-X, PVC-C, PB), under a certain pressure for 5000 cycles. A test assembly of pipes and fittings is subjected to temperature cycling by the passage of water under pressure using hot and cold water alternately for a specified number of cycles. While being subjected to temperature cycling parts of the assembly of pipes and fittings are maintained under tensile stress and/or flexural strain by the use of static clamps.

ASTM F 1335-98 Standard Specification for Pressure-rated Composite Pipe and Fittings for Elevated Temperature Service. The standard covers pressure-rated composite pipe and fittings for the transport of hot or cold liquids, beverages, or gases that are compatible with the composite pipe and fittings. Composite pipe is produced using a butt welded aluminum pipe as a core, with an extruded inside layer of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) or polyethylene (PE). An adhesive layer is used to bond the inside layer to the wall of the aluminum pipe. An outer layer of polyethylene (PE) and an adhesive layer are extruded to the outer wall of the aluminum pipe.


  • High temperature and high pressure only exist in the sample and short piping. Other than that all the electric parts in circulation line work at normal pressure to attain a long service life.
  • Lockable transparent folding doors make samples installation more easily and allow easy access to all samples from three sides.
  • Testing control and monitoring of individually station takes over PLC and touch screen terminal. Testing results are easily transferred to Microsoft Excel for further processing.
  • Individual circulation time, flow rate and pressure can be selected.
  • It provides the test constancy as regards to temperature, pressure and flow rate as well as lowering the energy consumption.
  • Several reliable safeguard, e.g. liquid level measuring devices, emergency stop switch and cord switch ensure the tester to be out of action in time if the test fails or piping system bursts. Doors shall be locked during testing period
  • High quality pumps are used to provide pressure in sample strings.  Automatic water filling design ensures full tank capacity during the whole time.
  • Pre-stress system was introduced to apply the initial tensile stress (optional).
  • Quick calibration. System enables pressure calibration and temperature calibration during testing, it means that system may continue running during calibration.

Technical Specifications



Pressure Range

4.00bar - 12.00bar (0.400Mpa - 1.200Mpa)

Pressure Control Accuracy


Number of Test Stations


Alternation Time Between Hot and Cold Water


Cycle Period

300 - 1800s

Number of Cycles

1 - 100000

Temperature Range (Cold Water)

20℃ - RT (selectable)

Temperature Range (Hot Water)

RT - 95℃ (selectable)

Temperature Control Accuracy (Cold Water)


Temperature Control Accuracy (Hot Water)


Temperature Display Error


Temperature Uniformity


Max. Total Cross-sectional Dim. of All Connected Test Samples

6200mm2 (2 × Φ63)

Unit Dimensions

5200 × 3200 × 2100mm (L × W × H, 6 stations)

Installation Dimensions

6000 × 4000 × 3000mm (L × W × H)


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