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TR Tester - ET-01

TR Tester - Low Temperature Retraction Tester

The TR Tester - ET-01 - Low Temperature Retraction Tester is primarily used to determine low temperature characteristics by the temperature retraction procedure according to ISO 2921 and ASTM D-1329.

The TR Tester - ET-01 - Low Temperature Retraction Tester has 6 test stations, is computerized and performs the test automatically after the cooling media has been cooled down and the samples have been mounted. An automatic release of the samples is initiated after the pre cooling period has been completed.

The computer controls both the temperature rise and measures the length change of the samples. The results are displayed in graph and TR10, TR30, TR50 and TR70 values are calculated. The result can also be presented as a table with length change versus temperature. The TR-values and the table values can be exported to other software such as spreadsheets.

As an extra option, an automatic cooling system with liquid Nitrogen can be supplied.

Technical Specifications of TR Tester - ET-01 - Low Temperature Retraction Tester
Temperature Control
Temperature Range -80°C to +30°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Resolution ±0.1°C
Sensor PT 100, 1/3 DIN
Length Measurement
Indicators 6 pc digital encoders
Resolution 0.04mm
Measuring Range 0mm - 150mm
Test Rig
Rig Material Stainless steel and aluminium
Specimen Sizes 25mm to 100mm
Max Extension 250% (with 50mm test piece)
Test Stations 6
Other Specifications
Dimensions, External (w x d x h) 630 x 710 mm x 1100mm (1420 extended)
Weight Approx 40Kg
Cooling Liquid Volume About 8L
Voltage 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz (alt 110-120 VAC)
Power 600W
Air Supply 4 - 6 Bar
Computer Connection USB


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