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Yarn Inspector

The yarn inspector allows the users to clearly observe the defects and determine the quality by winding the yarn evenly on the dark board.

Technical Specification of Yarn Inspector
Reeling board 7.5" x 12"
Yarn density 12-36Pcs/inch (adjustable)
Dimension 54 x 36 x 36 cm
Weight 25 kg

A compound specimen is used to soak in artificial perspiration resolution (separately in acid and alkali) completely. Natural dry for 30 minutes, then use this tester to apply a constant pressure. The specimen is then put in 37ºC drying oven for 4 hours. The specimen is removed, left to completely dry, then compared with a gray scale to evaluate the perspiration-resistance level. (Suitable for all fiber)


  • Hard plastic board: 15 x 63 x 3 mm, 21 pcs
  • Specimen load: 10 lbs
  • Supporting rack: Whole structured by stainless steel, specimen above for increasing pressure. It is able to keep specimen's shape and maintain specimen vertical position; with "spring pressure rack", able to keep the specimen position and shape. It can also keep the position under a regulated temperature-drying oven.

External Appearance:

  • Pedestal: For placing specimen and transfer pressure
  • Hard plastic board: For griping the specimen, normally is made by Acrylic size: 63 x 115 x 2 mm (There are 21 pcs enclosed in this tester)
  • Pressure Block: Its function is to transfer the force to all specimen and keep constant pressure by a spring function without loading weight
  • Loading weights: Used for loading pressure, increasing pressure and constant pressure

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