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Yarn Package Durometer

The HPE Digital version of our Yarn Package Durometer has additional advantages. Prisms can be added onto the test stamp, making it easier to measure on spools with different dimensions.

Additional Advantages:

  • Constant contact pressure of 12,5 N by the help of an integrated pressure spring
  • No canting or bevelled position on the test object
  • Measuring errors, caused by an irregular pressure, are avoided
  • Hardness test on points which is usually very difficult
  • Precise measurements in all measuring directions
  • The measured value is frozen on the display after the measuring time is over
Item Measurement
Spools with rayons of a high winding density ball Ø 2,5 mm
Spools with rayons of a middle fast winding density ball Ø 5,0 mm
Spools of lose winded natural fibres cylindrical plain tracing pin Ø 5,0 mm



Our Test Stand is a perfect device for serial tests and serves for lifting the manual Yarn Package Durometer. The pick-up device allows a quick and easy clamping. The measuring result can be obtained without subjective influences because of this constant load. It allows absolutely exact and reliable determination of the winding density.

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